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Right Angle Productions is an NYC based audio and video production company owned and operated by Jonathan Jetter and Rob Cleaveland. We've worked for Grammy, Emmy, and CLIO winners, for major and independent labels, and for creative artists across a wide range of music and film genres.


 We're equally comfortable producing original music, recording a band, scoring an ad spot, or producing a film. We love creating content with artists and see every project as a collaboration and an opportunity to tell a story. We can work from our NYC studio space, on location or from one of our affiliated facilities. We have a strong team of session musicians and production professionals able to bring any project to successful completion.


We're fully equipped for mastering work, with a great sounding room, Dunlavy SC-IVa mains, and a top-notch analog chain.


In addition to audio and video production, we also offer live event production and system design, studio design and consulting services.


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Artist Focused Content Creation

Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Video


We offer production, arranging, composing, recording, mixing, and mastering services for music. We're experienced in a wide range of music genres, as well as scoring for both dramatic and documentary films. We can provide a full production from concept to completion, directing every step of the process, or we're equally happy to sign on for a quick edit or mix. All projects are individually evaluated, and given a customized schedule and budget proposal. If your project needs session musicians or additional engineers, our network includes some of the best music and audio professionals in New York City and abroad.



Our studio audio work ranges from album recording to 5.1 surround mixing for film, and everything in between. Our mixing rigs are based around Pro Tools HD Native systems, running Pro Tools 12. We're stocked with hundreds of plugins including Waves Mercury, Komplete Ultimate, SoundToys Everything, Slate Everything, and tools from FabFilter, DMG, and Celemony. We use a complement of analog hardware from Manley, API, Purple, Trident, Avalon, and Focusrite, and more.

Our listening setups include Dunlavy SC-IVa mastering monitors, a 5.1 set of Focal nearfields, and Dangerous monitor controllers. When specialized facilities are needed, for large tracking sessions or analog console mixes, we arrange to work from one of several affiliated studios.

We also engineer live shows as well as provide system installation and consultation.



We make music videos, promos, feature length, interviews, real estate tours, motion graphics, animation, corporate, web concerts, 360 video and VR development. We can help you realize your cinematic vision, or create one for you. We work on location and in various studios and sound stages depending on the nature of the project.  With a focus on artist development and digital marketing we help you build visual themes that embody your unique creative flare. It is important to establish your identity as an artist and we make it our mission to help you stay true to your art as you build recognition from your audience.


Over 25 years of experience ensure your project is focused, efficient and inspired.

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Right Angle Productins Logo
Right Angle Productins Logo
Right Angle Productions Triangle Logo
Right Angle Productins Logo
Right Angle Productions Triangle Logo